Mantena has a wide and diverse team of employees, but the number of female employees is still too low, as is the case in the railway industry in general. Of our almost one thousand employees, the proportion of women is just over eight per cent. Most women in the company are in management and administrative roles, with the distorted ratio being most visible among skilled workers.

Low employee turnover and a largely male-dominated industry make it challenging to increase the proportion of women in the railway segment. However, with rapid development in public transport and mobility, there is still no reason to believe that the proportion of women in the railway industry will not increase in years to come.

Many possibilities
Career opportunities in the railway sector are many, far more than just as train drivers and conductors. The opportunities do not only exist in mechanical fields, there are also several railway subjects at bachelor and master levels. The changes in the industry are happening extremely fast, with great access to new technology and modern, new tools. In other words, the railway is a future-oriented workplace with great opportunities.

Mantena’s marketing director, Silje Nilsen, welcomes all girls and women who want to pursue a career in the railway.

– In the same way that our investment in apprentices is an important part of our social responsibility, our work to increase the proportion of women is also part of this responsibility. Everyone who comes to Mantena must meet a safe and dynamic workplace with exciting tasks and good opportunities for development, regardless of gender or background.

Career in the railway industry?
Mantena takes in apprentices in the subjects train electrician, automation, industrial fitter, CNC machine operator, industrial mechanic, logistics and surface treatment.

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