Railway is the future

At a time when environmental focus is increasing, train transportation is becoming more and more important. Combined with the fact that trains are becoming more technologically advanced and that we operate in a competitive market, new expertise in Mantena is regularly required.
Our knowledge and experience in the maintenance of railroad vehicles has created a unique environment. In order to maintain our leading position in the future, we at Mantena continuously focus on recruiting talented people in all parts of the organization.

We need people with different backgrounds and expertise who share our focus on the customer and our values; confidence, efficiency and innovation. If you think you would fit in, you are welcome to send us your application / CV.


Interested in working at Mantena?

Here you will find information on how to apply for a job with us and how our application process works.

How to apply for a job in Mantena

  • Visit our job pages on the website. Here you will see all advertised positions. We are constantly posting new positions, so it is important to stay up to date.
  • We advertise all positions that are open to external applicants.
  • Select the position you want to apply for.
  • When you are in the job advertisement, select «Apply for the position».
  • Then you log in or enter a new user, fill in the CV and write a personal application. Instructions will be given along the way.

If you have first applied for a position, you can use the same CV if you apply for several positions! We look forward to receiving your CV and application!

Application process

To ensure that your application is received and stored in a secure and best possible way, we do not accept applications by e-mail, letter or by telephone. Only by following the procedure above do we ensure that no applicants are lost along the way.

We do not accept open applications

As open and/or general applications can lead to possible good candidates disappearing without being linked to a specific position, we cannot accept this either. Rather sign up for the newsletter for vacancies at webcruiter, after you have registered your CV.


  • All applicants will receive receipt confirmation to the e-mail that is registered.
  • Relevant applicants will be contacted no later than 2-3 weeks after the application deadline.
  • All applicants will receive an email when the position is filled.
  • Feel free to contact the person listed as the contact person if you have questions along the way.
  • We will send information to all applicants if there are any changes or delays.


  • Submit as complete a CV as possible.
  • Upload your own CV.
  • When writing the application, be sure to write as concretely as possible. Include your motivation for applying for the position, what makes you qualified for the position and your work situation today.
  • Also think about the email you use when searching. Some email addresses may be fun, but they may be stopped by the spam filter.

Open positions

  • Posted 2021-11-15: Business Intelligence-konsulent
    Vi har en ledig stilling som Business Intelligence-konsulent i  vår IT-avdelingen.  I vår satsning på mer fremtidsrettede og effektive IT-løsninger har vi etablert Datavarehus og BI-løsninger basert p …

  • Posted 2021-11-14: Systemforvaltning / System manager Maximo -IT
    Mantena satser på fremtidsrettede og effektive IT-løsninger, og i kjernen av dette er MIMS.  MIMS er Mantenas implementering av vedlikeholdssystemet Maximo, og vi søker nå å styrke kompetansen knyttet …

  • Posted 2021-11-11: Underhållsledare
    Älskar du att jobba med människor och tåg lika mycket som oss? Då har vi jobbet för dig. Vi söker nu en Underhållsledare till vår depå i Hagalund.Mantena levererar moderna underhållstjänster för den n …

  • Posted 2021-11-09: Systemingenjör till vår depå i Hässleholm
    Mantena har fått förtroendet att utföra underhållet av fordonen i Öresundstågstrafiken från december 2020. Vi har nu etablerat oss och behöver nu stärka vår organisation med ytterligare kompetens och …


Apprentice in Mantena

Become an apprentice with us 

Appointment of apprentices is a natural part of our recruitment policy. Several of our employees in senior positions have worked their way up the organizational ladder with us. If you have the right skills, motivation and ambition, we may be the right place for you. We want those who apply for apprenticeship with us to register aVigo.no


Apprentice in 2021
The application deadline for an apprenticeship at Mantena in Norway is set for 24 May 2021
This year, apprentices will be taken in at Marienborg (Trondheim) and Grorud (Oslo)

At Marienborg, they will take in apprentices in the following subjects:
• Industrial mechanic
• Industrial fitter
• Train electrician

At Grorud we take in apprentices in the subject:
• Industrial fitter

Your application or if you have any questions can send to: hr@mantena.org



Below is a list of topics for student assignments that Mantena wishes to highlight. In addition, we are positive to inquiries about both Master and Bachelor theses. Contact us.

– Passive sonar array for state estimation of rolling stock 
Mantena is interested in developing a sonar array that detects the location of noise sources in bogies (train chassis) or other material being tested in dynamic test bench. A system mounted in a dynamic test bench that can generate a high-resolution noise map to provide a visual indication of where noise and vibrations occur in the material. Click here
– Improved user interface and improved PID auto tuning or alternate compressor test bench algorithm.

The compressor test bench is programmed with NI LabView. The user interface in the compressor test bench is today made up of standard NI building bricks, which gives the program an older appearance. It is desirable to have a more modern FLAT GUI design that is intuitive to understand for each user, with an emphasis on intuition and ease of use. We would also like a study on improved regulator algorithm for the compressor test bench to be made. PID controller or fuzzy logic controller, with auto tuning algorithm. The regulator algorithm should regulate a throttle valve to simulate filling of any pressure tank from 0 to 10 bar.