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Privacy and cookies

This Statement applies to Mantena AS and its associated websites.

What are cookies and local data storage?

When you visit our website, different types of data are stored locally on your device through your browser. The data may include, for example, user settings, information about how you surfed our web pages, which browser you use, which ads you have shown. Such “locally stored data” can be used to customize the content and features of the Services to you, thereby helping to make your visit more organized and meaningful for you. Cookies do not contain directly identifiable information about you (such as name, address, phone number and the like), but information about your browser and activity that occurred through it.

What do we use cookies and locally stored data for?

We use local data storage to:

Provide and customize our services to your device and browser

Provide you with relevant and customized content

Measure and analyze website traffic

For more information about our privacy policy, see Privacy Policy.

Both Mantena AS and our subcontractors (for example suppliers of this website) store data locally on your device. Any subcontractors are then subject to data processing agreements and may not use the data for anything other than providing the service we have ordered from them.