Close follow-up – that is the key to shaping the workforce of the future, our apprentices.

– Mantena is an attractive place to train. Apprentices are offered a wide variety of tasks as they move between the various departments during their training period, learning to collaborate with different people along the way. Mantena has extensive experience with apprentices and are good at looking after the young people, closely following them up.

These are the words of Nikolai Johansen at the training office for mechanical trades, which monitors the apprentices at Grorud

Gaining wide experience

HR Business Partner at Mantena, Elisabeth Grebstad Rødseth, says that working on the railway is not such a well-trodden career path for young people, but collaboration with the various training offices and schools is just the way to change this.

– Anyone doing an apprenticeship with Mantena will gain wide experience of component maintenance. Here they can try their hand on wheels, bogies, goods wagons, valves and many other exciting tasks. The various departments have built up a good culture for involving apprentices in everything they do. So, when you have completed your apprenticeship at Mantena, you will take away a good reference with you, says Grebstad Rødseth.

She says that they are working hard to make Mantena known as a good place to train. Among other things, they are in close touch with schools and training offices to talk about Mantena and the vocational opportunities available.

Good results

-At Mantena, we are lucky to have many capable, young future tradespeople with a keen interest in the subject, says Grebstad Rødseth. This can be seen in the fact that apprentices often get a ‘Distinction’ rather than the usual ‘Pass’.

– I think the good results are due to the fact that we are genuinely concerned to ensure that our apprentices do the best they can, and we take our training role seriously. We hope they will stay with us after their apprenticeships, so their time here is very important, she says.

-Taking on apprentices is important because we pick up fresh ideas. We also find that our more established employees appreciate the chance to pass on their skills. It’s natural to want to pick up fresh knowledge and to help shape the young so that they are proud to work for Mantena.