Hans Olav Storsveen from the engine department of the Grorud workshop adorns the front page of Mantena’s 2020 annual report. His words “Sometimes you have to approach a problem in a new way to solve it” sum up the Covid-19 year in a way that is relatable to many of us.  

Extraordinary challenges
As for all other companies, 2020 has offered extraordinary challenges for Mantena. We have really tested our ability to adapt and innovate, and we have seen that our employees in all departments and at all levels have taken the challenges head on and worked hard to keep the wheels in motion. 

By highlighting our employees and various projects, we want to provide an insight into the important work that is done in the company and the crucial role our employees play.  

Three main chapters 
The 2020 annual report is divided into three main chapters: 

  • Market and strategy
  • Sustainability, social responsibility and HSE
  • Innovation and efficient transport

 Under each of these topics, we have presented information about key projects in 2020 and also expected activities for the time to come. Together with the board’s annual report, annual accounts and the report on key figures, this gives the reader good insight into where Mantena is today and where we are headed. 

Read the annual report here.