The UN’s goals for sustainable development have led to all major companies in recent years having to formalise and operationalise their work with the environment and sustainability. The 17 goals are about more than the environment, as they also address important topics such as health, quality of life, education, gender equality and responsible consumption/production.

Sustainability has many perspectives and affects Manta’s work in many ways.

The big perspective
Our core business – optimising maintenance of trains and train equipment – comes directly under sustainability goals 9 «Innovation and infrastructure» and 11 «Sustainable cities and local communities». The concrete work we do to contribute to achieving these goals is all about the greater perspective of our business, namely to move towards sustainable, safe and efficient transport systems in society.

At Mantena, we always have a number of projects that focus on innovation and ongoing improvements. In these projects, the ultimate goal is to develop ever better methods for maintenance, such as the important work with new maintenance programs for increased service life and improving performance of vehicles and components. In other words, research and innovation are an important part of our work to strengthen the sustainability of the industry.

Focus on important areas
Through our employees’ daily efforts in important areas such as our internal working environment, HSE, risk management and not least waste and chemical management, we also contribute to sustainability goal 3 “Good health” and goal 12 “Responsible consumption and production”.

Constant work
Sustainability is generally an important key word for more and more of the work that takes place in Mantena. This is why we work each and every day to further develop our range of services, improve our environmental performance and take an active social responsibility.