Mantena deploys test bench in new ways to tackle the challenge of speed sensors.


A dynamic test bench is normally used for vibration and temperature testing on bogies. In response to challenges related to speed sensors on Type 72 trains, Mantena’s motor department has deployed the test bench in a new approach to solve the problem.


The whole thing started with several motors not running as they should. The motors were sent back and forth between the workshop and the operator without completely identifying the problem.


Interdisciplinary cooperation

Hans Olav Storsveen from the motor department at Mantena says that it is not usual to only test engines on the dynamic test bench as they generally test whole bogies. But that in this case, they had to increase tests compared to usual to get to the bottom of the sensor problem.


“This case is a good example of the way we sometimes have to rethink and use existing equipment in new ways to get to the bottom of a problem. The way we beat the challenge of the speed sensors and used the dynamic test bench in a new way to solve the problem, is the result of good interdisciplinary cooperation within Mantena between the motor department and the technical department, amongst others.”


In-house expertise

Systems engineer Petter Lefoka is responsible for the testing and measurement systems at Mantena. Together with Storsveen, he was at the forefront of the interdisciplinary cooperation, and worked on documenting and preparing hardware and testing equipment in advance.


“At Mantena, we aim to be solution-oriented and find effective solutions to the challenges that can arise at any time. We have the experience and expertise in-house to tackle various complex interdisciplinary issues,” says Lefoka.