Mantena’s annual customer satisfaction survey has now been completed. The survey maps how Mantena’s customers’ employees experience the collaboration in different areas.

This year’s survey shows a positive trend with consistently satisfied customers. The highest score is for the areas of «Service» and «General competence».

Seeing the effect of previous measures

Mantena’s Commercial Director, Silje Nilsen, is very pleased with the results. She says that regular feedback and input from customers is important to deliver the best possible quality of services.

– The results from this year’s survey show that we do a good job across the board and that the collaboration with our customers generally works well. The survey makes it clear that we are on the right track to improve and strengthen processes and our organisation. We can see ourselves in the answers and can also see the effect from previously implemented measures, such as for example in the area of customer contact and invoice documentation. For the points for improvement, we will focus on follow-up of warranties, among other things.


Everyone who responds to the survey will be contacted again for further follow-up. This is important in order to delve deeper into the feedback and uncover further opportunities for improvement.