Better workflow, more efficiency and increased productivity. These are important keywords for Mantena’s internal “project school”.


In the face of the new railway sector and the associated changed competitive situation, Mantena has chosen to invest large resources into developing the company’s skills base. One of several internal projects initiated in 2020 was the focus on uniform and professional project implementation with the improvement program Sirius. The program describes how projects arise, develop, are planned, implemented and terminated in the business.


In Mantena, all customer deliveries and associated production tasks are organised as projects. In a project-based business, it goes without saying that high-quality project implementation is crucial.


Removes ambiguities

Through participation in the “project school”, all employees get an introduction to basic project management. Aram Jajarmizadeh works as a Bid Manager and is one of the employees who has received useful information about project work and project management.


– Through the project model that shows the whole lifecycle of a project, we remove ambiguities concerning how things should be organised and how individual roles should be. This has given me a much better picture of how we should work with projects in Mantena. It has also become easier to agree on common terminology and improve communication.


Long-term investment

Commercial director Silje Nilsen says that the investment will continue throughout 2021.


– Our investment in professional project management is about creating good projects time and time again. This is a job that must be done over time, but we see after a short year with this investment that we are well on our way to improving both workflow, efficiency and productivity and that this will benefit both our own business and our customers.