It is with great pride and humility that Mantena has signed a contract with Alstom for the installation of ERTMS onboard equipment on the Norwegian train fleet. ERTMS is a data-based signaling system that is common to all European countries, and according to BaneNOR, one of Norway’s largest digitalisation projects.


ERTMS will provide a more stable railway with improved punctuality, increased safety and in the long run more capacity, as several trains can operate on the tracks at the same time. The installation scope is for 382 trains, with an option of 26 more, over 4 years.


Winning such a large project, and especially a project that is so important for the railway of the future in Norway, is a great declaration of confidence in Mantena and shows again that Mantena can win large contracts.


This contract is very important for the development of the Mantena Group’s project implementation capacity, in both Norway and the Nordic region, and for its position as the largest independent supplier of projects and maintenance services to the Nordic railways. The contract also provides volume and greater capacity for ever newer and more complex projects for Mantena.


Mantena’s offer-team has worked on this project since 2017, with broad participation from the whole of Mantena. The team that pulled the contract ashore was led by Fredrik Hultgreen. Bjørn Hattrem will now take over as head of Mantena’s project implementation team. From the start, Mantena has worked systematically and long-term to get to the signing. The first recognition came when the installation of the GA phase (demo-trains) was awarded and when the project was successfully completed in close cooperation with Alstom. It was then a matter of reaching a good agreement that both Alstom and Mantena are satisfied with. The first ERTMS installation will take place already in the second half of 2021.


Follow Mantena’s journey further, as we contribute to digitalising Norway.


You can read more about ERTMS in Norway here (links in Norwegian):