Makeover in response to new competition

Mantena is taking a positive approach towards the new competitive landscape and the opening-up of borders in the railway sector. In order for our company to stand out in a market with lots of strong players and solid brands, there are many things that need to be in place. One of the most important of these is clear and professional communication.


As part of our effort to adapt to new markets and win new contracts, Mantena has modernised its company logo and created a profile manual with guidelines for use. The modernised logo has retained many of the core aspects of the previous logo. The train symbol, which has been a central element of our logo throughout, still plays an important role in our new visual identity. The biggest change is that the train is placed in a circle and that a line has been added below the train to illustrate infrastructure. In addition to this, adjustments have been made to the colour and font.


Must appear consistent and unified

– The logo modernisation is a result of the fact that we, as a company, want to appear as consistent and unified as possible. This is not only important in enabling us to stand out from the competition in the various markets, but also in relation to how we are perceived by employees, customers, partners and society at large. We feel that the modernised logo reflects us well as a company and clearly shows where we are today. The logo gives the impression of something new and fresh, whilst at the same time being easily recognisable, says Mantena CEO Kjetil Hovland.


Introduction of the company’s purpose – why we exist

– At the same time, with the introduction of a new logo, we have also better defined the company’s purpose. Our purpose describes why we exist and what social role we have. Mantena’s purpose is to enable “Sustainable and efficient transportation through optimal maintenance”.


New slogan

Mantena has also been given a new slogan. “Always moving forward” communicates Mantena’s strong focus on innovation and not least the constant pursuit of new and better ways to improve maintenance. The slogan will be used together with our purpose “Sustainable and efficient transportation through optimal maintenance”.