Solid project work does not happen by chance. Mantena has taken this seriously!

In a large industrial company like Mantena, lots of projects, small and large, are carried out every week. These projects range from simple component repairs to comprehensive remodelling projects, or strategic development projects that span several years. Regardless of the type or size of the project, one thing is for sure; Mantena leaves nothing to chance when it comes to project work.

Optimal project execution

Over the years, Mantena has focused on putting the customer first and delivering solid projects. To ensure optimal project implementation at all levels, an internal improvement program named Sirius has been initiated.

The program is one of two strategic programs, currently running internally to ensure Mantena’s overall goal of becoming the most customer-oriented and innovative total provider of train equipment maintenance and service in the Nordic region. The specific target for Sirius is that all projects should be implemented in the most professional and unified manner possible throughout the company.

A clear goal

Silje Nilsen, Marketing Director says that the introduction of the program is essential for the company to be able to deliver the standard expected by customers.

“Our ambition of becoming a market leader in customer orientation and innovation is not a goal we hope to achieve, it is a goal we will achieve. The two strategic programs are important contributions for bringing the company to the level we want. Through the improvement program, all employees will be given an introduction to basic project management and a clear common understanding of how we will carry out projects in Mantena. The program will give all employees a clear picture of how projects are planned, developed, implemented and completed at Mantena”, says Nilsen.