Since the start of operations, Mantena has maintained the airport express trains in Norway for Flytoget. From now on, we will also maintain the 8 modern, newly purchased trains which will be in commercial operation from 3rd June 2021.

Many may have seen the new train on the tracks recently in connection with the test run that has been carried out. Maintenance manager in Mantena, Finn Maurstad, says that prior to the start of operations they have spent a lot of time getting to know the trains in the workshop.

– Maintenance is carried out according to the agreed program and we have already had the first train set in for its 30,000 kilometer maintenance interval, Maurstad says.

The travel experience is important

Flytoget is very satisfied with the new train sets, with both design and colours completely in line with their standard. Even though the train ride is not that long, t Junehe CEO of Flytoget Philipp Engedal assures customers that they will have a pleasant travel experience. The new train sets are, among other things, more spacious with wider seats and more luggage space. In addition, they have several zones, including quiet zones, mingle zones and normal sitting zones.

– The only thing that is faster than this train is probably the Wi-Fi on board, says Engedal to the magazine Jernbanemagasinet.