Satisfied apprentices help secure continued recruitment at Mantena.

With around one thousand employees, Mantena is one of the country’s major industrial players. The company has been a leader in the maintenance of light rail vehicles for years and has a strong track record in heavy, specialised industrial expertise. Norway will need more skilled workers in the future, but to ensure their recruitment and avoid a shortage of apprenticeships, it is entirely dependent on companies daring to invest in new and fresh labour.

For many years, taking on apprentices has been an important part of how Mantena recruits new employees. This autumn there are a total of 21 apprentices in the company, among them first-year Helene Skaalerud and second-year Julia Wagner. They are both very happy with their apprenticeships so far, in particular praising the working environment and the tasks they are being involved in.


Julie Wagner (left) and Helene Skaalerud


Varied tasks
“What I appreciate most about the workplace is the positive environment. I also like how we as apprentices regularly change departments so that we are constantly being given different work tasks and getting exposure to almost everything they do in the company. Since I started, I have been involved in a lot of revision and testing of a variety of train components, including batteries, brake systems, engines and compressors,” says Helene.

Julia also mentions the variation in her work when asked what she likes most about being an apprentice at Mantena. “The fact that the tasks are so varied means that we get new challenges all the time, so it never gets boring. For example I have been involved in putting together a bogie, maintenance on a locomotive and fixing engines. I also have to say that my colleagues are a large part of my time here being so positive”, smiles Julia.

An important part of corporate social responsibility
HR Director Tone Sande says that Mantena’s focus on apprentices is a key part of the company´s recruitment policy.

“Apprenticeships are a natural part of our social responsibility and recruitment policy. The fact that we have a conscious commitment to this helps us gain more competent employees as well as ensuring that professional competence is developed in line with industry needs. At Mantena, the apprentices find a safe and evolving workplace with many exciting tasks and excellent opportunities for development. We will continue to welcome new apprentices and give them an opportunity”, says Tone Sande.

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Facts apprentices in Mantena
Number of apprentices: 21
Mantena takes in apprentices in the following subjects:

  1. Train electrician
  2. Automation
  3. Industrial fitter
  4. CNC Machine Operator
  5. Industrial mechanic
  6. Logistics
  7. Finish and surface treatment