Today, SJ Norge and Mantena have signed a contract for full provision of train maintenance services under the Rail Passenger Service Tender 2 North. The contract is for a duration of 8.5 years, with options for a further two years, and includes all maintenance of equipment to be used on the seven routes included in the contract:

  • Dovrebanen
  • Raumabanen
  • Rørosbanen
  • Trønderbanen
  • Meråkerbanen
  • Nordlandsbanen
  • Saltenpendelen

This contract extends SJ and Mantena’s long-term partnership in Norway and Sweden. The companies already have train maintenance agreements on several routes in Sweden, and this autumn they entered a new agreement for the maintenance of trains in the Øresund area and in southern Sweden.

SJ Sverige is an established player in the rail sector, already operating train services between Stockholm and Narvik and between Stockholm and Oslo. SJ Norge will take over responsibility for traffic on the routes included in the contract in June 2020. It is with great pleasure that we have today signed an agreement with Mantena for the maintenance of trains included in Rail Passenger Service Tender 2 North. We look forward to a long and healthy partnership; through our close collaboration, we will help provide an excellent service for passengers on all our routes, says Thomas Silbersky, Director of international ventures.

In the picture
Thomas Silbersky, Director of international ventures and Kjetil Hovland CEO of Mantena

Mantena has extensive experience in the maintenance of trains in Norway and Sweden. Kjetil Hovland, CEO of Mantena, is pleased to be able to partner with SJ in another contract, to jointly deliver a safe and high quality service to travellers on these routes. We are proud and grateful that SJ has chosen Mantena for this important contract.