Mantena construction machinery

Mantena’s department for construction machinery and work trolleys is located in Hamar and has 25 skilled employees, all with long experience and high competence in maintenance and repair of rail-based equipment. We also carry out projects such as damage repair, modification assignments and industrial service.

We have expertise in the fields of:
– Electronics
– Hydraulics
– Pneumatics
– Diesel, transmission – both system and components
– Welding
– Machining

Field service

With the help of well-equipped service vehicles, we can also carry out assignments on-site for our customer, either in their own premises or where the equipment is located.

Control inspection

We perform control inspections on rail and 2-way equipment on Bane NOR’s network.


Lars Magnus Myrberget
Production Manager
+47 959 82 299

Harald Volden
Technical Controller/ TFK Controller
+47 959 82 840

Anita Rasch
Order Office & Operational Manager
+47 909 71 635

Svein Ole Bakken
Contract Manager
+47 959 82 830

+47 400 02 302

Stangeveien 101
2321 Hamar

Espern Industriområde

Our customers

We have around 120 customers in our portfolio.

Our largest customers include:

  • BaneNOR
  • Baneservice AS
  • NRC Norge AS
  • Veidekke Entreprenør
  • Speno International S.A.
  • Salcef S.p.A.
  • Leonhard Weiss GmbH
  • Infranord AS
  • Grenland Rail AS
  • Nortømmer AS
  • Norsk Jernbanemuseum
  • Spordrift AS
  • Totalprosjekt Namsskogan AS